Learning Journeys
The aim of this program is to provide a practical and informative study guide to enrich participants with how each city, township, stakeholders designs and implements master plans for urban development. It is useful for governments and communities to meet the challenges of land use needs such as infrastructure, housing, commercial and industrial development, transportation and recreational facilities with attention to enhancing the quality of life. Cities which suffer from severe overcrowding, poor living conditions and a lack of infrastructure can be transformed into liveable cities through identifying factors that can be adopted from study through our program. This study guide is designed for students, professionals and practitioners of urban planning. Aimed to give a thorough understanding of each topic, participants will get behind the scene information of what makes each city, township green, clean and sustainable. Participants will be able to fully appreciate policies and practices that were put in place and its structured plans that developed over the years, reflecting the needs of a growing population in terms of its size and sophistication.

Field Trips
More often than not, site visits and projects are planned to cope, help and intervene at the tail end of development. Providing new facilities, starting small scale businesses or charity have a purpose but early planning intervention will be even more potent in helping. In town planning lingo, a Green-Field or Brown-Field site represents work on new or rehabilitated sites. Such work often involve decisions on intervention, preservation, conservation or in-filling. Various on site visits are arranged to give participants first hand impressions of developments. Interactive sessions with respective authorities provide valuable insights into how actual work gets done and how the different government or private sector agencies are co-opted into implementation and execution. By the end of the program, participants would have established a solid understanding of the fundamental that go into the making of a well planned city and be able to translate these insights to further their national plans.

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