FIELD intends to inject a planning mindset into overseas trips, site visits and training sessions. Participants have to do background and baseline studies, get involved in the political, social and economy currency of the site and return with proposal or presentable ideas. Through the six general attributes of planning: Transportation, Housing, Parks & Recreation, Water & Energy, Industrial and Commercial areas, FIELD will help in curating and producing unique Learning Journeys.



Transportation policy, planning and projects are never the easiest. It affects almost everyone from top politicians down to the street vendor. A lively street life translates to better neighborhoods and safe communities. Urban sprawl, air pollution and congestion could be traced back to poor coordination and mismatched traffic management policies.


Housing is the cornerstone of the built environment. Shelter provision and managing aspirations require deep thought and forward looking strategies to allow for growth and asset appreciation, rather than degradation into slums or crime-ridden ethnic enclaves. The Housing stock should also consist of a delicate mix of products that caters to differentiated and targeted population groups. Housing services and professional management need to also keep up with the administration and dispute resolution often seen in housing issues.

Parks & Recreation

Every first world city has to meet rising expectations of its citizens in Quality of Life issues. Greenery and park space per citizen becomes an increasing indicator of health and wellness. However, ensuring sufficient greenery is a rising combative element in comparison with other development needs such as schools, hospitals and housing.

Water & Energy

Water security, management and governance is an increasing issue in many parts of the world, particularly in arid regions or areas prone to hydro-dams upstream causing imbalance in the eco-system. Energy pricing and various market mechanism help ensure that energy is distributed evenly across industries and individual households


Industrialization and job creation is one of the most important pillars of developing nations. The ability of nations to organize it's manpower skills, land and resources will enable rapid development. Both market-led activity and long term strategic planning is needed to ensure that infrastructure and accompanying amenities keep up with growth or adjust to adapt.


The coverage of commercial activities is wide as it means corporate headquartering, international business as well as neighborhood wet markets and distribution outlets. Commerce will prospect in a marketplace that is open, innovative and competitive. With this comes a strong need for effective framework of legislation, fairness and market-led practice.

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