Sunday 28 February 2021

Monday 1 February 2021

Unchartered 3

Natural geography, granite quarries, plantations, ponds and creeks

Coastal walk during High Tide

Unchartered 2

Nature areas consisting of sea grass (dugong sighting), inland creeks (crocodiles) and mangroves

Unchartered 1

Expert on Fisheries Improvement Projects Timothy Hromatka starting briefing on shrimp lands

Participants having lunch break on floating fish farm

2020 Go Local

 Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we set up an environmental education program in Singapore. This program is open to anyone and any age. One of Singapore's offshore island, Pulau Ubin, is "frozen in time" and showcases Singapore Life 50 years ago. Our trips take on a new life on its own with many facets of heritage, nature conservation and food, enjoyed and relished by our participants. More importantly, we turned back our clocks after crossing the Johor Straits and experience SLOW LIFE which is the quintessential GOOD LIFE. Join us! or +65 88177465